The Prayer Platform

Your Safe Place to
Connect, Share & Pray

Social Media Engagement With
The Ark App

Mission: Provide and Support a Safe and Secure space on Social Media for the Global Church to unite and engage as the Body of Christ.


  • A Secure Alternative to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other Social Media Platforms.
  • Strict privacy policy so your Organization will own & control all its Data. High Level of Security.
  • Gospel Friendly Community Standards.
  • All Organizations and Users Agree to a Clear Statement of Faith.
  • Simple Installation for Administrators through the Web Portal.
  • Extensive Tools for Moderators through AI/Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning.
  • Simple, Intuitive Functionality, just like Facebook.
  • Clear Engagement Metrics are displayed on Admin Dashboard.
  • Fully Integrated into major CRMs and Donor management systems.
  • Extensive focus on Unique Engagement Tools, Content, and Translation Functionality.
  • Provides many opportunities to collaborate with other Christian Organizations around the World.

Exciting Unique Social Media Features

Build fellowship and Engagement with your Members; bring in New Members and grow your Organization

Global News

Brings Christian News around the world. Daily Motivation and Inspiring quotes. Real Heroes story and Christian leaders.

Family Hub

A social feed for families in the church to engage and grow in Christ. Talent center where children and teens of all ages have activities

Church Neighborhood Marketplace

A church marketplace to share Christ Books, Souvenirs and many more.

Admin Portal

Dashboard for the App to monitor metrics and Admin Portal which offers ticketing system built in for IT and Media Support.

Engagement Platform for Groups

  • Prayer Groups
  • Bible Studies 
  • Sunday School
  • Life Groups 
  • Small Groups 
  • Women’s Fellowship
  • Men’s Fellowship
  • Young Adult Fellowship
  • Youth Groups 
  • Children’s Fellowship
  • Vacation Bible School 
  • Senior’s Fellowship
  • Single’s Fellowship
  • Worship Teams
  • Choir 
  • Leadership Team
  • Volunteers Group
  • Missions Group
  • Community Outreach (or)
  • Customize your Own Group


  • Post your Prayer   
  • Show your Support for Others
  • Share Inspiring Testimonies


It records all the notifications you get on the post you created or a response you left on any post.

Prayer diary

Keeps the record of all your prayer points on a personal level and can then be pushed.

Prayer request

This tab will be prevalent throughout the app and is also found in this menu.


This tab helps you with reminders of any important prayer or an event.


Easy to pray or post a prayer

You can add a testimony or a prayer request within the group or organization by clicking on the “Add your prayer request or testimony” button. There are other options too on the menu. You can also choose Where to post (Followed by a drop-down of all your groups and organizations that you are part of along with what you want to post, as in:

  • Prayer Request 
  • Prayer Update
  • Testimony

You also get several other features which are present in the menu. This way you are putting prayer first and everything else next.


Records all the notifications you get on the post you created or a response you left on any post.

Prayer diary

This is a tab that will be prevalent throughout the app and is found in this menu as well.


This tab helps you with reminders of any important prayer that you have lined up or an event.

Prayer request

This is a tab that will be prevalent throughout the app and is found in this menu as well.


If you are a registered church and want to become a part of the Ark app, then you must read through the STATEMENT OF FAITH entirely and sign it to ensure your complete agreement and adherence to the statement mentioned. The super admin will give you admin access to run your organization and include members/ moderators.

The admin will be able to conduct the following actions:

  1. Invite members
  2. Edit organization details
  3. Add events from the organization
  4. Make announcements which are from the organization
  5. Promote or de-promote a user from member to moderator or vice versa.

Since this app is all about prayers and bringing people closer through prayer, we allow members, moderators, users and admins to be able to create/post/share:

  1. Prayer Requests
  2. Prayer Updates
  3. Testimonies

The moderator is a member with moderating rights assigned by the admins. They will be able to:

  1. Create announcements as part of the group.
  2. moderate the posts sent in by the members.
  3. Remove members from a group or organization if they fail to adhere to the rules set by the group or the organization.

The menu for the app consists of four options:

  1. Notifications
  2. Prayer diary
  3. Prayer request 
  4. Reminders

A few things to remember while registering are:

  1. Do not use caps in the email id as it won’t proceed towards registering.
  2. You could recover your account if you forgot your password by typing in your email ID while registering. An email will be sent with the instruction to sign in again.
  3. You will need to fill in all their areas to be able to create an account.

The roles that a user can take up in the Ark as per the decision of the organization are:

  1. Admin
  2. Moderator
  3. Member

This section is for believers all around to be aware of church happenings from all across the globe. The global feed will contain all the news and updates about the global churches, which users and members of every organization can view. They will be able to actively pray and participate in responding to these messages and info.