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Creating an IT framework that fits your goals.

Giving your church a social space for better EACH and RETENTION
Remote IT support

IT Solutions & Managed IT Services

Wouldn’t it be great to have IT help desk assistance from top experts? You can use your time to build God’s kingdom while we bridge the gaps between the backend processes.
Secure your data with effective cloud data integration as you leave the tech support tasks to us.
Onboard with just one click and place your request. Our tech professionals will assess your requirements and the tech possibilities to propose the right services for you.
We can integrate your current systems and give you access to all the newest technologies that can help you fulfill your mission and provide a well-rounded system that will ultimately save you lots of time, effort, and money.

With IT and tech taken care of

You now have time to focus on what truly matters!

We offer a wide range of integration & tech support services ranging from:

Database management

Donor management

Receipting and Invoicing

Accounting and Tax Systems

Website development

Desktop Support

Server & Cloud Support

Mobile application development


Making media matter

Streamlining your media and marketing services

Give your message an amplified voice with the ability to reach a much larger audience. We want to add more meaning to your mission with our marketing potential.

Hire a remote media support team who can help to closely work with you and build greater reach, further engagements, and stronger prospects that can elevate your digital media.

We provide stellar SEO packages along with highly effective social media marketing strategies and techniques to ensure that your media is bound to leave its mark.

We use the best, latest, and most advanced technologies to create exceptional content in the form of videos, digital marketing, print media, and more.

Assured benefits of being our digital media partner

The Ark Managed Digital Media Support and Services 

We want to give you the reach that you deserve. By creating effective SEO, social media strategy, digital media management, and SEO management services. We help to build more followers, which plays a large part in garnering a broader target audience.  Our media packages include services such as:

Search Engine Optimization

Video Content Production

Creative Content – 3D, Motion Graphics

Video Editing and Photo edits

Social media content creation – Posts, Videos, Animations

Social media campaigns and management

Digital Marketing for your organization

Analytics and drive more traffic

Flyers, Brochures, Logo design and Business cards

Want to get Started?

Get access to the Remote IT Support team and expand your mission exponentially. We want to see you focus on the forefront of your ministry while we work on strengthening the backend processes.

All you need to do is place an onboarding request with us and get a free consultation so that we can review your IT requirements. Upon review, we will offer you different a wide range of service options to pick from. All of which will help you secure your data, streamline your operational efforts and support your technical capabilities for the better.

Your mission means everything to us and we are here with the finest media and marketing expertise to help you reach the goal you envisioned.

To partner with us, just drop an inquiry and have our remote support team reach out to you and collaborate in creating something genius.

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